TAYLORmade Company Summary

Entrepreneurial Summary

Aisha M. Taylor is Co-Owner & Chief Consultant of TAYLORmade ~ Professional Career Consulting, a full service career consulting firm specializing in expert resume and cover letter writing, strategic job search assistance, customized interview training, and career counseling.  TAYLORmade also assists artists, authors, and businesses with their writing, typing, proofreading, and editing needs.


For over 7 years, this “sister-preneurship,” co-owned by sisters Aisha M. Taylor and Ayana Taylor Green, has prided itself in ensuring that the highest quality of attention is given to every client and each service rendered.  As a member of the National Resume Writers Association, TAYLORmade remains knowledgeable of trends and developments in every industry and services clients in all career levels.  TAYLORmade works tenaciously to uphold their motto of “Equipping, Preparing, & Empowering Today’s Professional,” and is proud to boast that every past client has experienced significant improvement in achieving career success.


As a web-based business, with headquarters in New York and Atlanta, TAYLORmade services clients in the US and abroad. Aisha Taylor’s expertise has also been sought out by various media outlets in web, print, and radio and is a featured Career Blogger on BlackEnterprise.com.  For additional information, please visit www.careertaylormade.com, follow us on twitter @realTAYLORmade, or call (347) 460-0654.


Putting Your Next Career Move In Motion…

Ten Concepts to Keep in Mind As You Search and Make A Successful Career Move…

ALWAYS be networking-ALL jobs are temporary, so get what you want out of each move you make

Leverage the PROBLEM + ACTION = RESULT formula to illustrate that you are solution oriented and can problem-solve with ease.

Strategic planning to target who you can reach out to help you in your search and what companies/organizations you want to work for or with.

Create a Top 20 List of companies/organizations you want to work at and share that list with your network (mentors, family, friends, etc.) to help find some “insiders” to assist in getting your resume in the “right” hands.


Network through groups and events that you are a member (or should join) of and/or in the industry you are interested in working in to find influencers and connect into their network.

As you and your network continue to connect you to people within your industry and/or companies on your Top 20 List, set-up as many informational/informal phone or in-person interviews.  Use these opportunities to get advice, research and background information about the company’s culture and work environment.

Find ways to position yourself as a thought leader and a resource to others.

Remember that YOU are your brand and to be prepared to present yourself at any moment since you never know whom you might meet and/or be introduced to.

Approach your career move and job search, as a never-ending marketing campaign-you should always be ready.

Monitor your job search results and pay attention to what works and continue to focus in those areas to get the outcome you want-a new career!!!

Leveraging Social Media For A Successful Career Move…

There are so many special media outlets to assist you in your job search as you make your next career move.  Whether you are finding your first job, looking for a new one or trying to change sectors the following 10 action items will give you some tools to make social media a positive experience […]

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